The Forerunner Foundation, Inc. is an independent, research and education organization dedicated to new ideas and forward-thinking public policy.

In this post-9/11 era, which poses unique and urgent security challenges, our foundation looks at alternative policy choices. It produces provocative multi-media issue briefs that include video programming, DVDs, CD-ROMs, pod casts, slide presentations, written point papers and other materials useful to those who make, influence or implement policy decisions. In a world cluttered with unread reports, Forerunner’s multi-media approach catches the attention of lawmakers, corporate issues managers, news media and the general public. It owns an enviable track record for achieving positive results.

“Hot topics” for Forerunner Foundation range from homeland security to transportation safety and modernization of the global transportation infrastructure. As a non-profit foundation, we do not lobby or market any particular product. We make our materials available free of charge on our website. 












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